, Piracetam: Boost Cognition, Memory, and Creativity

Piracetam: Boost Cognition, Memory, and Creativity

Piracetam: Boost Cognition, Memory, and Creativity


Piracetam has been shown to increase cerebral circulation, improve creativity and verbal fluency, boost memory, and improve learning and mood.



Piracetam was the first nootropic substance ever to be created, and it was synthesized by Dr. Corneliu Giurgea at the Belgian corporation UCB Pharma in 1964.

Piracetam has been shown in hundreds of clinical studies to significantly boost learning and memory. As we age, our brain chemistry and metabolism change. Piracetam can boost brain health and performance in several ways to combat age-related cognitive decline.



, Piracetam: Boost Cognition, Memory, and Creativity

Piracetam Benefits

  • Cerebral Blood Flow: Piracetam increases blood flow in the brain. Better blood flow means more oxygen and nutrients delivered to neurons which can improve memory, focus, and overall cognition.
  • Inflammation: Piracetam has powerful potent analgesic (anti-pain) effects by inhibiting inflammatory markers and ultimately decreasing pain.
  • Neurotransmitters: The effect and flow of acetylcholine (ACh) are increased in the brain by Piracetam. ACh has been shown to significantly improve memory and learning.
  • Energy: ATP energy is essential for your brain’s survival, and brain cells must produce all of their own ATP. Piracetam can significantly enhance the production of ATP.




, Piracetam: Boost Cognition, Memory, and Creativity

How does Piracetam feel?

You may experience a mood boost, reduced social anxiety, enhanced creativity, improved verbal fluency, and improved memory.

It can take some time for the brain to adjust to the new changes caused by the increased cerebral blood flow and acetylcholine (ACh) levels.

How each person progresses could depend on their own neurochemical makeup. It can take up to two weeks, considering that Piracetam is altering your brain’s chemistry, although most people report a noticeable benefit immediately after their IV.

Pro Tip: Piracetam is a great IV by itself, but it works extremely well following an NAD+, a Methylene Blue IV, or can be combined with virtually any IV.


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