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Does NAD+ Infusion Really Work?

Interventions that target the aging process and improve quality of life are becoming more common. There are many different ways to prolong aging and help your body stay healthy for longer. What are NAD+ infusions and how does it work? Let’s take a closer look at this exciting new option.

What is NAD+?


NAD+ is nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide. It is a molecule that is found naturally in all living cells and is involved in a number of biological processes. Managing and preserving your body’s levels of NAD+ is key to a long, healthy life. NAD+ is made up of two essential components. The first is nicotinamide. This is a B vitamin found in foods like liver, broccoli, and peanuts. The second component is adenine, a compound that is commonly found in DNA.

How Does NAD+ Infusion Work?


As we get older, our bodies produce less and less NAD+, which directly affects our ability to produce energy. By the time we reach middle age, most people have seen a decrease in NAD+ levels of up to 50%. This can have serious consequences for our health and well-being. NAD+ infusions can increase your body’s levels of NAD+, which boosts your energy levels to help keep you healthy and active for longer. NAD+ can also help improve your mental health, reduce your risk of degenerative diseases, and slow the aging process.

Why Is NAD+ Important?


As your body’s level of NAD+ declines with age, it can affect your overall physiology, which can cause a number of consequences: — Decreased energy levels — NAD+ is key to producing energy in your cells. As levels drop, so does your ability to create energy. This can lead to feelings of fatigue and lethargy. — Increased risk of degenerative diseases — NAD+ plays a role in DNA repair, cell division, and the immune system. As NAD+ levels decrease, your risk of developing diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and dementia increases. —Faster aging — As NAD+ levels decrease, your body is less able to repair cellular damage. This means your skin, joints, and other tissues are more likely to show signs of aging sooner.

Recent research has shown that NAD+ levels can be increased through supplementation to improve mitochondrial function, increase lifespan, and protect against age-related diseases.

NAD+ Infusion

Who Can Benefit from NAD+ Infusion?


People who want to improve their health and well-being can benefit from NAD+ therapies, which replenish the body’s supplies of this critical molecule. NAD+ therapies boost energy levels, brain function, and cellular repair, among other things, by replenishing the body’s supply of this crucial molecule.

Some of the many benefits include:

  • Anti-Aging Therapy: NAD+ turns off genes that are responsible for proteins that accelerate aging, including skin aging.
  • Improved Sleep: NAD+ is connected to circadian rhythms, which may help you restore normal hunger patterns and sleep cycles.
  • Help with Anxiety & Depression: NAD+ may help minimize the symptoms of PTSD, depression, and anxiety by correcting the imbalance of neurotransmitters in the brain.
  • Addiction management: protects against oxidative stress, which is linked to cravings for substances like opioids, alcohol, and tobacco.
  • Exercise Performance: NAD+ may promote healthy muscle aging, improving muscle function and strength by increasing the energy within the cells
  • Focus and concentration: Protects brain cells from free radicals by increasing your ratio of NAD+ to NADH which can improve mental clarity and performance.
  • Stimulates Mitochondrial Fission: This is the splitting and removal of deficient mitochondria.
  • Promotes Mitochondrial Fusion: After fission, we are bringing the healthy mitochondria together to make bigger, better, and more efficient mitochondria.




As we get older, our bodies produce less NAD+. This has a number of consequences, such as decreased energy levels and an increased risk of degenerative diseases. These infusions are a new form of IV therapy that can increase your body’s levels of NAD+, which boosts your energy levels to help you stay healthy for longer. NAD+ can also help improve your mental health and slow the aging process. Although your body naturally produces less as you get older, NAD+ levels can also decline due to things like chronic stress and poor diet.

Final Thoughts


NAD+ is hands down the strongest and most effective help we have in our office. If you are looking for something to radically change your health, give you more energy, and boost overall cellular health (poor cellular health is the root of most disease/aging ) then this is going to be your bread and butter.

Patients typically see the majority of benefits to their overall health and well-being after a “loading dose” of 5 visits within 10 days or as close together as possible.

After this initial phase, patients can follow a schedule of weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly maintenance routine.

This isn’t your typical IV and takes unwavering commitment, but is worth every bit. NAD+ Requires a quick consult with the provider and a loading dose of 5 visits within 10 days for optimal results. Each NAD+ IV includes a FastVitaminIV® following the dose at no additional cost to you.


, Does NAD+ Infusion Really Work?

What Sets Us Apart


• Exclusive Formulation

Our NAD+ (Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide), developed by Craig Koniver, MD, is formulated by an exclusive pharmacy using cutting-edge tools and rigorous potency testing protocols to ensure that it is NAD in its purest form.

• Optimal Dosage

Based on extensive research and clinical testing on dosage, scientists found that a dosage of 750mg is the sweet spot for most people to obtain optimal results. Compared to standard infusions of 3000mg, which can take 6–8 hours to administer, our NAD+ IV therapy sessions cut that time down to only 1–2 hours.

• Works on a Cellular Level

NAD+ is a coenzyme that helps to produce energy in cells. It is found in mitochondria, which helps to convert nutrients into ATP. NAD+ also plays a role in fission and fusion, two processes that help to keep mitochondria functioning properly. Without NAD+, mitochondria would be unable to produce ATP, and cells would quickly run out of energy. As a result, NAD+ is essential for maintaining cell function and preventing age-related disease.

• NAD+ and FastVitaminIV®

Our NAD+ therapy is uniquely combined with a push of FastVitaminIV®, a dose of 19 vitamins, minerals, and amino acids at the end of the regimen. The two infusions work synergistically to greatly improve executive functioning and alleviate symptoms of depression, anxiety, PTSD, traumatic brain injuries, and neurological diseases.

To learn more, visit our website at http://iveffect.com/nad-therapy or give us a call at 918–895–7850 and press 2 when prompted.

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